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“The past is already gone, the future is not yet here.

There’s only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment”



Class Schedule



Sunday 9am – 10am

The Sommer Park, Bakers Gully Road, Bright.

Every Sunday in January. Casual class $20, season pass and mat hire available. For more information see Salute the Sundays.


Tuesday 6am: Yoga Flow (Hot)

Tuesday 9.30am: Beginner Yoga (Warm)

Wednesday 6pm: Yoga Flow (Hot)

Friday 6pm: Beginner / Gentle flow (Warm)


Bright Boot Camp 73 Churchill Avenue, Bright, VIC 3741 (Google Map) Free for Bright Boot Camp members ($17 Casual Class price). Bookings essential. **

Check the Bright Boot Camp schedule for up to date details.


(Starting back Mon 22 Jan)

Monday 9.15am: Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday 7pm: Vinyasa Flow

Friday 1pm: 45 Min Vinyasa Flow

Alpine Fitness Centre and Sports Camps
Hawthorn Lane, Bright, VIC 3741 (Google Map)

Free for Alpine Fitness Centre members ($15 Casual Class price)

Private Classes available

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Class Styles

Vinyasa flow class style image twisted lunge

Vinyasa Flow

Flow classes are based on the hatha vinyasa tradition using the breath to guide movement. Postures are linked together, with natural breathing, into a flowing sequence. Emily’s style is fluid without moving too fast so that students have time to really feel the sensations in their body. Particular attention is given to safe and functional alignment for the individual. Flow classes are suitable for all levels as modifications are provided for specific injuries and conditions.

Warrior pose standing balance hot yoga

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a dynamic, slow flowing, sequence of yoga poses and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in a heated room. The sequence and theme changes – this is not Bikram yoga. This practice opens, strengthens and detoxifies the whole body. The room is heated up to 34 degrees Celsius. Suitable for beginners.

Meditation image class styles

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a more passive, slower form of yoga where students are invited to take a particular shape, become still and then stay a while – sometimes over 5 minutes in a pose. As well as nourishing the joints and connective tissue, these Yin sequences also stimulate meridian channels encouraging the flow of healthy chi through the body. Modifications and props can be used for injuries and conditions, and students are invited to move slowly and mindfully to build greater body and energy awareness. Mindfulness meditation techniques are taught throughout these classes giving students tools that they can bring into daily life.

What to bring

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat if you have one, or hire one for $1. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before class to set up (15 minutes before if it is your first class so you can complete a New Student Form).

All other props are provided (including blankets, blocks and straps). Props are from from Stretch Now and have been purchased with environmental responsibility in mind.

  • Eco yoga mat is made from TPE foam – no toxic materials used in production.
  • Cork yoga blocks are from a sustainable source.
  • Bolsters are made from organic cotton.
Stretch now props for classes image Emily Rose Yoga


I’ve found the yoga has helped to bring more balance and calm into my life, in addition to my body.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the combination of yoga and mindfulness meditation and particularly found the shoulder and spine work really great.  I’d also like to reiterate my comments about your style in leading the sessions.  It is very clear and easy to follow as well as set at a good pace.  I also find the approach is positive and relaxing without being overly flowery. 


Em’s classes always leave me feeling centred and wonderfully calm. I always enjoy her reminders to stay connected to the earth. Highly recommend her classes to everyone no matter your yoga experience or abilities.


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