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Finding balance…

Finding balance…

I’ve read widely on yoga, buddhism and meditation and studied two degrees in politics and international development but Michael Stone’s ‘Yoga for a World Out of Balance: Teachings on ethics and social action’ was the first book that really tied the two areas together and I was blown away! In his book, Stone firstly talks about how we can bring a wider world view to our yoga practice, rather than using yoga and meditation to ‘retreat’ from the world. Secondly, and very effectively, Stone uses the five yamas (outlined in the Yoga Sutras) to form a basis for taking ethical social action and making a difference in the world.

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Thanks for visiting my site! So I have just become certified as a yoga teacher and I find myself thinking more deeply about what it now means to share my love of yoga with others and of course prepare myself to teach a class. I wanted to put this website together because I have so many things that I am passionate about in my life and I’d like to have any opportunity to share those with others.

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