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“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. 

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”



Hi, I’m Emily!

I have been a student of Yoga for over two decades. I first started learning to meditate in my teenage years to help me manage periods of stress and anxiety. Yet curiosity about diverse cultures, ideas and techniques for enhanced wellbeing is something that I was surrounded by growing up. My house was full of books on Eastern philosophy, documentaries about Indigenous wisdom and the energetic practices of Tai Chi and Reiki.

Having studied and worked in human rights and social justice for many years I am called to teach these practices as ways to support the way we act and serve with kindness, integrity and compassion. My life has been dedicated in many ways to supporting and empowering those that are affected by systemic injustice. I also know what it is like to burn out in the activist space and I now continue to return to the qualities of love and care at the centre of all of the work I do. After all these qualities are at the heart of Yogic wisdom.

I began training to teach Yoga in 2014 and have been on a powerful journey since then, exploring many styles and techniques with international and local teachers. I resonate deeply with teachers from the Tantrik Hatha lineage of Yoga and draw on movement, breath work, sound, symbolism, story and philosophy to guide students to deeper awakening within their bodies and their lives. My meditation training comes from the Buddhist Insight lineage translated in the West by US teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, and I am also a student of Australian Indigenous teachers and of my own ancestral lineage of the Northern Traditions.

I alchemise these diverse (yet deeply connected) bodies of teachings through my own lived experiences and study to create a unique offering that blends Tantrik, Mindfulness and Earth connection practices. Together they create potent opportunities for embodied awareness and connection.

I pay my deepest respect to all of my teachers and their teachers and the ancient cultures that have birthed these powerful tools.

In my classes you’ll find a style of Yoga that blends building internal strength and shifting energy through movement, balanced with a softer more meditative side to incorporate the powerful techniques of mindfulness. I focus above all on assisting students to ground themselves in their bodies, in the present moment, and with the cycles of nature, in order to uncover deeper layers of their being. 

Sharing the life-changing practices of Yoga and meditation, with as many folks as possible, from the youngest kids to the oldest members of our community, brings me great joy! I am passionate about teaching yoga and meditation as tools to take into our lives, for our own growth and transformation, yet also importantly for the benefit of community and society as a whole.

I believe that there really is a practice for everyone and that we all have shared roots in this journey towards greater awareness and connection. I am here to help you find your unique path there.

I am really looking forward to sharing yoga and mindfulness with you. 

With much kindness and peace,

Emily xxx

More about Emily

From a young age Emily loved dance as a form of exercise and creative expression but moved away from this to pursue a more academic path at university, where she studied Politics.  She spent many years energetically volunteering as a human rights activist, becoming a leader in the student activist space in the UK, particularly with Amnesty International.

Emily also grew up immersed in Eastern philosophy with both parents practicing Tai Chi regularly and having a large collection of spiritual books. This fuelled a love of the philosophies of Yoga, Taoism and Buddhism, as well as an interest in the ancient spiritual traditions of Indigenous cultures. Emily started meditating in her teenage years however, it was at university that Emily established her practice of Yoga and fell in love with the way she could not only move her body but also find calm and peace in what was often an overactive mind.

Emily moved to Australia and continued to deepen her yoga practice, particularly loving the tools and insights she gained throughout pregnancy with her first child. She began her yoga teacher training in 2014, completing a Mindful Yoga 200 hour training with her home studio, Grass Roots Yoga.

After also completing a Masters in International Development, Emily worked in leadership roles in the international education and NGO sectors for over ten years before giving up the ‘office job’ to focus on teaching yoga. 

Emily has trained with a number of international yoga teachers including in Vinyasa yoga with Jenni Morrison-Jack & Simon Borg Olivier, Yin yoga and Mindfulness with Sarah Powers, Energetic Anatomy and Sound & Mantra with Irene Ais, Pranayama and Tantrik philosophy with Uma Spender and Cultural and Trauma Sensitive practices with Mei Lai Swan.

She also a qualified Prenatal, Restorative and Kids Yoga teacher, Breath work practitioner and Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher. Emily has completed 1000 hours of Yoga teacher training, has been teaching for 7 years and is registered with Yoga Australia as a Level 2 Teacher (500 RYT).

Emily has also completed a number of Mindfulness meditation programs and recently graduated from a two year Mindfulness Meditation teacher training with world renowned teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. A dedicated daily meditation practice in the Buddhist Insight tradition has been of great benefit to Emily, both personally and as a teacher and she is excited to also share meditation classes, courses and private mentoring as a certified mindfulness teacher.

Always curious, Emily loves to read and write as a creative outlet. She is currently exploring her own cultural roots of the Northern Traditions of Britain & Scandinavia, and the intersections between their ancient practices and those of the lineages of Yoga & Mindfulness that she shares. Emily particularly loves to draw on philosophy, story, symbolism, music and ritual through her classes and retreats, encouraging her students to find their own unique path to spiritual awakening.

In her spare time Emily loves to play piano and bass guitar and hike or ski in the mountains where she lives!

Yoga Training

2014 – 200 Hour Mindful Hot Yoga Teacher Training, Grass Roots Yoga

2015 – 40 Hour Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, Bliss Baby Yoga

2015 – 20 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training, Australia Yoga Academy

2016 – 10 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Bliss Baby Yoga

2016 – 10 Hour Chakra Healing Diploma, Yoga Alliance

2016 – 150 Hour Postgraduate Yoga Teacher Training, Ihana Yoga (Jenni Morrison-Jack and Simon Borg-Olivier)

2016 – 60 Hour Insight Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 (Yin and Mindfulness), Sarah Powers

2018 – 50 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Rainbow Kids Yoga

2018 – 50 Hour Anatomy of Yoga Teacher Training, Om People Yoga (Irene Ais)

2020 – 20 Hour We are Vibration Mantra Training, Om People Yoga (Irene Ais & Josh Blau)

2020 – 100 Hour Breath of the Heart Pranayama Teacher Training, Uma Spender Yoga

2020 – 30 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Foundations – Yoga for Human Kind (Mei Lai Swan)

2019 – 2021 Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach

2021 – 30 Hour Yoga, Social Justice & Spirit – Yoga for Human Kind / We-ali (Mei Lai Swan & Jarmbi) 


Other qualifications

2011 – Master of International Development, RMIT University

2015 – Mental Health First Aid, This Healthy Life

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