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“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. 

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”





From a young age Emily loved dance as a form of exercise and creative expression but moved away from this to pursue a more academic path at university, where she studied Politics.  She spent many years energetically volunteering as a human rights activist, becoming a leader in the student activist space in the UK, particularly with Amnesty International where she chaired the Student Action Network. Emily grew up immersed in Eastern philosophy with both parents practicing Tai Chi regularly and having a large collection of spiritual books. This fuelled a love of the philosophies of Yoga, Taoism and Buddhism, as well as an interest in the ancient spiritual traditions of Indigenous cultures. However, it was at university that Emily established her practice of Yoga and fell in love with the way she could not only move her body but also find calm and peace in what was often an overactive mind.


Emily moved to Australia and continued to deepen her yoga practice, particularly loving the tools and insights she gained throughout pregnancy with her first child. She began her yoga teacher training in 2014, completing a Mindful Yoga 200 hour training with her home studio, Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda, and quickly went on to complete further training in restorative, pre and postnatal yoga. Emily has completed further Vinyasa yoga training with international yoga teachers Jenni Morrison-Jack & Simon Borg Olivier and Yin yoga and Mindfulness training with Sarah Powers and, she is a qualified Kids Yoga teacher. Emily is registered as a Level 2 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.



Emily has also completed a number of Mindfulness/Vipassana meditation programs and she is about to embark on two years of Mindfulness Meditation teacher training with world renowned teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. A dedicated daily meditation practice in the Buddhist Insight tradition has been of great benefit to Emily, both personally and as a teacher.


After also completing a Masters in International Development, Emily worked in leadership roles in the international education and NGO sectors for over ten years before giving up the ‘office job’ to focus on parenting and teaching yoga. Through academic study, deep inner examination and a heart full of compassion, Emily has come to the realisation that her purpose is to inspire people to make positive change in the world by helping them to create deeper connections with their own body-mind, each other and the earth. She invites students to utilise the rich variety of techniques that have been passed down by ancient traditions and combine this with modern scientific knowledge about the anatomy of the body and mind. She remains passionate about human rights and social justice and also committed to living a more sustainable, ethical, healthy life.


Emily generally teaches a strong yet slow vinyasa style of yoga that blends building strength with a softer more meditative side. She focuses above all on the connection between body, breath and mind and assisting students to ground themselves in their bodies, in the present moment, in order to uncover deeper layers of their being.


After living in Melbourne for over 10 years, Emily made a lifestyle move to the mountains of North East Victoria. She lives with her husband and two young children in the small country town of Wandiligong, near Bright, where she loves to ski, run trails, rock climb, hike, swim, grow food and teach yoga locally and on transformative retreats.


 “I love the physical side of yoga and the ease and wellbeing that I feel after practicing postures but I also love that while on the mat you can gain deep insights about yourself off it. As well as improving strength, flexibility and ability to deal with stress, the techniques of yoga help to develop happiness and wellbeing, self-awareness and inner peace and help us to be kinder to ourselves, others and the environment.” – Emily

Emily is a very experienced and gentle teacher who clues in quickly to individual needs. She creates a loving yoga environment and makes you feel very cared for, as well as slightly challenged each time. Very nourishing!


Yoga Training

2014 – 200 Hour Mindful Hot Yoga Teacher Training, Grass Roots Yoga

2015 – 40 Hour Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, Bliss Baby Yoga

2015 – 20 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training, Australia Yoga Academy

2016 – 10 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Bliss Baby Yoga

2016 – 10 Hour Chakra Healing Diploma, Yoga Alliance

2016 – 150 Hour Postgraduate Yoga Teacher Training, Ihana Yoga (Jenni Morrison-Jack and Simon Borg-Olivier)

2016 – 60 Hour Insight Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 (Yin and Mindfulness), Sarah Powers

2018 – 50 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Rainbow Kids Yoga

2018 – 50 Hour Anatomy of Yoga Teacher Training, Om People Yoga (Irene Ais)

2019 – 2021 Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach (Currently Enrolled)


Other qualifications

2011 – Master of International Development, RMIT University

2015 – Mental Health First Aid, This Healthy Life

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