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Deepen Your Practice


A 7-part workshop series with Emily Rose (Emily Rose Yoga) & Kylie Bertuch (Ginger Ki Yoga)

JAN 20 – APR 6 2020, 7:15pm-9:30pm
@ Bright Bootcamp, VIC

Book the entire 7 part series and take your practice of yoga to a whole new level.

Investment: $50 per workshop OR $300 for the series. 

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With the popularity of Vinyasa Yoga or a dynamic flowing style of Yoga practice we can sometimes lose the opportunity to break down postures and shapes carefully to ensure that they are being practiced safely & effectively for YOUR body. Vinyasa practice is a beautiful way to gain a well-rounded practice for body & mind, moving in a meditative way with breath, but it is important to also spend some time working on the building blocks of Yoga to ensure that your practice is sustainable, particularly if you want to go deeper into the physical & energetic aspects. 

This series of workshops is for you if you:

  • Practice a flowing style of Yoga regularly but have not taken time in a beginner class or through workshops to break-down poses and techniques

  • Are suffering from injury which is exacerbated through practicing Yoga and you want to learn how to modify poses

  • Wish to take your practice to the next level and learn more advanced poses, breathing or meditation practices 

  • Just want to give yourself the gift of more Yoga knowledge and practice over 7 workshops!

This series will take place at Bright Bootcamp & Co Yoga Studio, 73 Churchill Ave, Bright VIC.

Book the entire 7 part series and take your practice of yoga to a whole new level.

INVESTMENT: $300 (Save $50)

Jan 20 – Sun Salutes

Feb 3 – Pranayama

Feb 17 – Foundational Poses

Mar 2 – Backbending

Mar 16 – Core & Bandhas

Mar 30 – Arm Balancing & Inversions

Apr 6 – Philosophy & Meditation

Your teachers, Kylie Bertuch & Emily Rose, have between them almost 4 decades of Yoga practice and over 10 years of teaching experience. They are both dedicated to continuing to learn and to share the transformative benefits of Yoga with their beautiful community.


Sun Salutes

JAN 20, 2020 @ Bright Bootcamp, VIC.

Presented by Kylie, assisted by Emily

We will explore the foundational asanas (poses) of the Sun Salutations A & B during this deeper look at the practice through the lense of Hatha Yoga (where Vinyasa originated). We will work through the 12 poses of Classic Sun Salutes and Sun A & B as we breakdown the mechanics of each asana, allowing time for physical adjustments, anatomical alignment, questions and repetition. Poses including Mountain Pose, Forward fold, Chaturanga, Plank, Cobra, Upward Facing Dog & Downward Facing Dog will be our focus. This workshop is designed to help you find safe and effective alignment with these frequently practiced asanas and a deeper understanding of the overall practice itself. Come join us to take a look at how we Salute the Sun.


Foundational Poses

FEB 17, 2020 @ Bright Bootcamp, VIC.

Presented by Kylie & Emily

Building on the sun salutation postures we now break down more of the foundational asanas in Hatha Yoga. We’ll focus on standing postures such as the Warrior poses, Standing Forward Folds, Standing Balances & Triangle/Side-angle variations. Some of the seated, supine & prone poses, as well as transitions into and out of shapes, will also be looked at in detail from an anatomical and energetic view-point. We will most importantly work on building the shapes with your body, keeping the overall intention of the pose in mind, rather than trying to force our different bodies into a certain shape! Come along to create more confidence and ease in how you move your body in class.


Core & Bandhas

MAR 16, 2020 @ Bright Bootcamp, VIC.

Presented by Emily, assisted by Kylie

In this workshop we create a safe space to talk about and practice pelvic floor awareness and build core strength (working on more than just the abs!). Students will learn briefly about the role of the pelvic floor, abdominal, psoas, back and gluteus muscles and the effect of their weakness or tightness on posture and general health, including the energetic side of the practice of Mula Bandha & expanding these concepts to other Bandhas, or energetic locks, in the body. Students are invited to come along to this workshop if they would like to feel more connected to their own core support, to be better able to flow and balance during their yoga practice.

Philosophy & Meditation

APR 6, 2020 @ Bright Bootcamp, VIC.

Presented by Emily

This workshop is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the philosophy of Yoga and meditation practices beyond the physical postures. We will delve into how we can understand yoga as both a tool to get to know ourselves more intimately and as a state of being. Students will be walked through the Koshas, or energetic layers of the body. By blending and combining the theory of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga with Vedic philosophy, we’ll tell the story of the personal journey within that yoga offers and the ways that Yoga as both an ancient & modern practice can help us to live with more peace and ease in the world. The workshop will consist of both theoretical explanations and experiential learning through postures, group discussion, pranayama, chanting and meditation, including some specific mindfulness techniques.


FEB 3, 2020 @ Bright Bootcamp, VIC.

Presented by Emily, assisted by Kylie

Yoga is not Yoga without awareness of breath. Breath is our life force, or prana, and how we draw in and release that breath can impact our overall well-being. During a flowing Yoga practice we often use a technique called the Ujjayi breath which creates a little heat in the body and acts as an anchor for our mind, so that we are more able to connect our movement with breath. In this workshop we will further break down the Ujjayi breath, spending time on it to be able to share questions and tips, ensuring that students are breathing diaphragmatically and with ease and smoothness during class.We will also work with the anatomy of breathing, exploring the directions of breath and the ways we can use the breath to control our energy. Some more advanced pranayama practices will also be taught, that can be wonderful tools to deepen any Yoga class.


MAR 2, 2020 @ Bright Bootcamp, VIC.

Presented by Kylie

We only have one spine, so we need to ensure we nourish it with safe movement in order to lengthen (create space) and strengthen (to help stabilise) our spine and overall function. This workshop will focus on the safe alignment in backbending asanas, plains of movement and benefits (both physical and energetic) of backbending in Yoga. We will also explore the energetics of the the spine, our central channel, and experience pranayama to help balance the energy channels (Nadis) along with soothing the nervous system. You are invited to get a little more intimate with your spine and discover how you can look after your spine in and with your yoga practice.

Arm Balancing & Inversions

MAR 30, 2020 @ Bright Bootcamp, VIC.

Presented by Kylie, assisted by Emily

Have you been wanting to explore the excitement of arm balancing in Yoga but not quite sure where to start? Arm balancing and inversions in Yoga may seem a little intimidating to some, or may spike curiosity in others. This workshop will focus on demystifying arm balancing as well as exploring how inversions open us up to new perspectives. We will explore how we set up for arm balances, transitions in and out of the poses and what is required to prepare us properly. We will take a look at the benefits of being inverted in your yoga practice and why it is an important addition. We will dive into technique and alignment, and investigate how to make arm balancing and inversions more accessible for you in your body, regardless of your level as a yoga practitioner. So come along and have a little fun at this exciting and informative workshop.


About Emily

Emily has been a student of many styles of yoga over the past 20 years but particularly loves to teach a strong yet slow flowing vinyasa style, that blends alignment based principles to build strength with a softer mindful, often philosophical side. Emily has over 500 hours of teacher training (including Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal and Kids yoga), has been teaching for 5 years, with over 1000 hours of teaching experience, and is registered Level 2 teacher with Yoga Australia. 

Emily inspires people to make positive change in the world by helping them to create deeper connections with their own body-mind, each other and the earth. She invites students to utilise the rich variety of techniques that have been passed down by ancient traditions and combine this with modern scientific knowledge about the anatomy of the body and mind. Emily focuses above all on the connection between body, breath and mind and assisting students to ground themselves in their bodies, in the present moment, in order to uncover deeper layers of their being. She teaches both Yang and Yin styles of yoga and is currently undertaking further study in Mindfulness Meditation teaching. She is passionate about bringing the life-changing practices of Buddhist meditation and philosophy, and Earth mindfulness, into as many lives as possible.

Emily loves whole foods, nature, adventures in the mountains, taking action on injustice, teaching and above all connecting people in love and kindness through yoga. You can read more about Emily here.

Emily Rose Yoga Retreat Facilitator

About Kylie

Kylie has been practicing yoga for 14 years and teaching for 7 years. The style she is most passionate about is vinyasa yoga and enjoys adding some suggestive personal enquiry, intention setting, creative sequencing and perspective changing concepts to her classes. Kylie has trained both overseas and locally and is fascinated and inspired by the broader concepts of what the life changing practice of yoga has to offer, both on and off the mat.

Official trainings have included 500+ Hours of Hatha, Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga influenced Power Vinyasa Yoga with Julia McCabe Yoga, Pre-Natal & Restorative Yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga, and most recently 50 Hour advanced Training with Irene Ais on energy anatomy and the 5 koshas.

Kylie is a Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia Level 2 (500 Hour RYT) Registered Teacher with over 1000 hours of teaching experience and is passionate about spreading the love of yoga in her local and global communities. You can read more about Kylie here.

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