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Workshops & Events

Restorative yoga Emily Rose
Sunday 16 September | 2pm – 4.30pm
Location: Bright Boot Camp and Co

Press the internal reset button by taking a few hours out of the busyness of life to be quiet and completely present. Yin and restorative yoga poses, mindfulness meditation, chanting, and guided yoga nidra will all be included in this nourishing workshop.

Restorative yoga Emily Rose
Saturday 27 October | 10am – 12.30pm
Location: Bright Boot Camp and Co

Move with the seasons at Emily’s signature yoga masterclass with a focus on the energetic qualities of Spring. The Yang portion of this practice will work on moving the spine and shifting any stagnant energies. The Yin portion will stimulate the Liver meridian and nourish the Metal element. Just as the the energy of the earth around us turns toward creation and growth, we can connect more deeply with these rhythms in our lives.


Emily’s posture/asana workshops were a really great opportunity to delve a little deeper into what goes on behind the scenes inside our bodies during a typical vinyasa class. I learned so much about the series of asanas, and how we can interpret the intentions behind other postures too.

I am really excited to go along to more yoga classes, armed with new information, and greater confidence about how to get the most out of class by practicing better technique specific to our individual bodies, and tapping into the intention behind each posture. Jess

Emily is a truly intuitive teacher. She takes the time to understand your particular ability and limits. I have always found that she guides me to extend myself both physically and mentally with a gentle and confident approach. I enjoy her thoughts and open outlook on life and would highly recommend her workshops. Emily

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