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Connect to your inner truth

I recently re-read the visioning exercise I wrote while completing my yoga teacher training. Through meditation and journalling we were aiming to become more in touch with our ‘dharma’ or inner truth. My long term goal was exactly this:

“I’m running a successful business incorporating yoga teaching and retreats, possibly in the high country. I have a kitchen garden and my business has a focus on sustainability, connection to community, a commitment to ethical sources and respect and learning for different cultures. I have a strong family, able to spend quality time with each other. I continue to research, learn and write on spiritual and philosophical topics”.

At the time I was just finishing my teacher training and about to have my second baby. My short terms goals were:

  • have baby
  • gain courage to actually teach yoga to people
  • go skiing in France for 3 months!

I achieved those short terms goals and over the last two and a half years have grown so much in my practice and teaching but have been juggling it all with my university management job and bringing up a young family. I longed to have more time to focus on my passion of helping others and making the world a kinder place. I dreamt of living closer to nature, growing my own food, getting some chickens, spending more time watching the kids grow up. There always seemed to be something stopping us from making the move though – giving up a good job, moving away from family support, the risk of running a business, the unknown – of course they are all better known as FEAR.

And so James and I talked and talked about the dream of moving to the country and we noticed we were getting caught up in that cycle of ‘if only we had this life, then we’d be happy…’


Be present

So many of us place conditions on our happiness and can get caught up living in the future. Connecting with the inner truth is something that happens when we really feel that truth in our bodies. But what often occurs is that once we have identified it, the thinking mind takes over and we get stuck up in the head, planning and dreaming.

I decided that I needed to take a pause and made a conscious effort to being present and enjoying life in each moment, while not letting go of that bigger picture – the dream – the deep truth of what I felt my path was. I committed to focussing on my studies and the family.


Connect with the flow

And as so often happens when we connect back with the moment, with the body, I felt free. More than that, I felt strongly that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Taking each vital small step in the bigger journey.

We knew we want to live in the mountains, maybe France, maybe somewhere else in the world, but every time coming back to the Victorian High Country where we love to ski, hike, run, eat, drink wine… And so earlier this year things started to happen: chance meetings and opportunities, suddenly people we didn’t realise had a connection with the area were helping us make our dream a reality. Coincidences maybe – but when you aren’t fully present they go by completely unnoticed. 

In May we made an offer on a house we fell in love with in Wandiligong, near Bright, and next week we make the move to the country.


Watch dreams become reality

I’m not under any pretences that life will suddenly be perfect when we move to the ‘idyllic’ countryside. There will be hard work, it’s a huge change, I’ll now be running my own business teaching yoga and retreats. However, whatever happens I do feel strongly that this is my heart’s calling and I have been amazed at how many things seem to be falling into place during this journey.

I truly believe that by connecting to the dharma – that truth deep down inside – and maintaining present moment awareness in our lives we are able to see clearly the opportunities that the universe throws our way. Too often they are missed because we are so caught up in anxiety, day dreaming, self-criticism or regrets. That’s not to say that there isn’t hard work along the way, adjustments, wrong turns and disappointment. It could be a long process but as long as that dream is true to who you are and you live your life with mindful and kind awareness then be prepared for great things to happen.

Find your truth, live the moment, connect with the flow and follow those dreams.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau


Photo: Razorback, nr Mt Feathertop (c) James Callander