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Ground & Connect Series

Thank You for checking out the Ground & Connect Practice Series I’ve created for you!

I’m so passionate about teaching Yoga as a way to full inhabit your body and become more connected to your self and the environment around you. 

We spend much of our busy lives focussed on the upper parts of the body caught up in our heads or hearts. When things feel like they are getting out of control it is important to rest back in those parts of the body that are more connected with the earth.

In response to an article I wrote about the need for these practices, one of my students wrote, 

“It has never been so hard to stay grounded, with so many distractions, be materialistic, personal issues and negative talk, it is a struggle not to get caught up in day-to-day trivialities that force us to lose focus on our own lives and journey.”

I’ve been sharing tips, teachings and sequences focused on Grounding & Connecting for years and now I have created an online practice series to help you to become more embodied and to find your strong roots. 


This series includes:

  • A downloadable Grounding Practices handout with my 5 top tips for re-connecting with your body, breath and the earth when things can start to feel overwhelming or distracting!  
  • A 60-minute guided “Grounding Flow” video with me 
  • A 7-minute Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril) breathing video
  • An 8- minute “Breath & Body Check-In” meditation audio (also downloadable in MP3 to take with you) 
  • A 15 minute guided Deep Body Relaxation meditation or Yoga Nidra which can be done in Savasana/Relaxation

You can choose to do this as a full 90 minute practice with the meditation at the start and the Yoga Nidra at the end.

You can do the meditation first thing in the morning and the yoga practice later in the day followed by the Yoga Nidra before bed.

You can do the yoga practice in the morning and the 10 minute meditation in the evening.

You can do one of the practices each day and alternate throughout the week.

You can simply go outside and put your feet on the ground, look up at the trees, breath in fresh air, swim in fresh water.

You can just sit and take 10 conscious breaths when you wake up. 

Your practice is your practice. These are some tools and some tips that might help you and give you the inspiration and direction just to get onto your mat.

Don’t let overwhelm get in the way. Simple is often better!

Grounding Practices Handout PDF

My five top tips to staying grounded!

8 minute Grounding breath & body check-in

A short check-in with breath and body to ground and centre your energy. Great to practice first thing in the morning or anytime throughout the day when you feel you need to take a mindful break.

60 Minute Grounding Yoga Flow video

A strengthening Hatha Flow practice that focuses on balancing and standing postures to bring attention to the feet, legs, and support from the ground. This practice can be modified for all levels yet, I challenge you not to feel this in your legs!

Nadi Shodhana / Alternate Nostril breathing video

A breathing exercise or Pranayama to bring balance to both sides of your body and calm and balance your energy, 

15 minute guided Relaxation

A 20 minute guided yoga nidra or relaxation meditation which can be done lying down in order to bring calm and relaxation to every layer of the body-mind.

Thank You again for being here!

This series was created for you to do MORE yoga. Because more yoga can only be good in the word. 


Let me know how you went with these practices by dropping me a line at my Contact page!

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