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Healthy Recipes


I love to cook and find it is a great creative outlet for me. I also love the way that cooking and eating connects us with each other and with the earth.

I don’t follow a particular diet but subscribe to the philosophy Just Eat Real Food (JERF) and try to minimise eating ‘foods’ from packages and boxes.

I also love learning about the healing properties of food particularly spices and teas and using them in my family’s diet.

As much as possible I try to create my own cleaning and skin care products so I know they are as healthy and effective as possible.

You can share in nature’s goodies with me through:

~ Healthy and delicious recipes including food, teas, cleaning products and skin care, as well as information about the benefits of spices, herbs, oils and other foods. ~

Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies

I love making these chocolate brownies at home and for retreats. They are really easy to make, delicious and the kids will even eat them (although they contain vegetables and raw cacao and not much sugar).        When I make these personally I follow...

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Almond Choc Chunk Cookies

I make these cookies for the One Day Retreats I run with Kylie up at 215 Mt Buffalo Retreat. Let's just say they don't stay on the plate for very long and everyone asks for the recipe!    They are pretty healthy (as healthy as chocolate cookies can be), easy to...

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Chestnut, Cacao and Wild Orange Bliss Balls

  It's beautiful filtered light drenched, colourful Autumn here in the High Country of Victoria, Australia. In the Wandiligong valley that means lots of Chestnuts are dropping daily!     Chestnuts are the edible nut from the Castanea genus...

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Calming and Uplifting Yoga Room Spray

I spray this little beauty at the beginning of class and then spritz over students just before they come out of Savasana as a lovely refreshing but calming wake up! With cleansing Lemongrass and Peppermint, uplifting Citrus notes and calming Lavender it is a perfect...

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Warming Ginger, Cinnamon and Cardamon Tea

After many requests I have finally got around to posting this recipe online! This tea is a regular at the end of my yoga workshops particularly the Restore workshop when I like to bring people back into their bodies after such a long, restorative practice with...

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Build your own Buddha Bowls

'Buddha Bowls' have become incredibly popular and for good reason I say! Essentially this is a bowl of whatever you feel like chucking in there to give you a healthy, well-balanced, nutrient dense, simple meal in one bowl.   Originally, when Buddha and his monks...

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Date, Tahini and Lemon Bliss Balls

I make a different variation of these delicious and fairly healthy bliss balls each week. They are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and full of good fats and proteins as well as the awesome benefits of the Essential Oils. Lemon and Ginger are both good for...

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Home-made ‘cure all’ bone broth

It’s that time of year when we might need a bit of extra help to stay healthy with the cold weather and lots of bugs going around. I was recently inspired to start making bone broth again and decided to experiment a bit with ingredients. The results were so yummy, and I seriously feel amazing from drinking this every other day for the last couple of weeks, so I just had to share it.

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