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Home Practice Guide

Thank You for checking out the Home Practice Guide I’ve created for you!


This guide includes:

  • A downloadable Home Practice Guide (with practice notes and tips to do yoga and meditation on your own)
  • A 40-minute guided video with me (a simple flow to move the spine)
  • A simple 10 minute breath counting guided meditation audio (also downloadable in MP3 to take with you)
  • A 20 minute guided Yoga Nidra or relaxation meditation which can be done in Savasana (focused on relaxing every layer of the body/mind)

You can choose to do this as a full 75 minute practice with the meditation at the start and the Yoga Nidra at the end.

You can do the meditation first thing in the morning and the yoga practice later in the day followed by the Yoga Nidra before bed.

You can do the yoga practice in the morning and the 10 minute meditation in the evening.

You can do one of the practices each day and alternate throughout the week.

You can just sit and take 10 conscious breaths when you wake up. 

Your practice is your practice. These are some tools and some tips that might help you and give you the inspiration and direction just to start. Don’t let overwhelm get in the way. Simple is often better!

Introduction to the Home Practice Guide video

Here’s a little intro from me about what’s included in this series. 

Yoga Home Practice Guide PDF

Your 2-page guide to starting your own home yoga and meditation practice.

40 Minute Yoga Flow video

A simple all-round Hatha-Vinyasa yoga sequence that warms up the body, moves the spine and connects you with your breath. This sequence is best first thing in the morning but can be practiced at any time of day. 

10 minute breath meditation

A simple breath counting meditation suitable for complete beginners. This meditation guides you to feel your breath and then assists the mind to focus on the breath by including a counting practice. The meditation is guided with some silent time for practice. 

20 minute guided Yoga Nidra

A 20 minute guided yoga nidra or relaxation meditation which can be done lying down in order to bring calm and relaxation to every layer of the body-mind.

Thank You again for being here!

This little guide was created for you to do MORE yoga. Because more yoga can only be good in the word. 


Let me know how you went with these practices by dropping me a line at my Contact page!

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