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Simple & powerful mindfulness meditation techniques


“Mindfulness is a pause. The space between stimulus and response. That is where choice lies.”



Meditation is a potent practice to deal with the everyday struggles of life, assist with the healing of past wounds and to more deeply connect with your sense of purpose in the world. 

Mindfulness meditation (Awareness or Insight meditation) is based on the teachings of the Buddha but adapted to a completely secular framework. Most beneficially taught one-on-one, or through 4-8 weeks courses and immersions, this style of meditation cultivates embodied presence, kindness, and compassion and can be taught to almost anyone (even if you truly believe that you can’t meditate!) 


Emily is training to teach this style of meditation with renowned US teachers, Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach, who have been at the forefront of modern mindfulness & compassion practices, and sharing them with the Western world. 


Mindfulness Meditation Courses and Classes - COMING SOON

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