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Emily Rose

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Welcome, I’m Emily!

I’m passionate that the power of yoga is learning to connect with each moment exactly as it is.

To still the mind so we can truly feel our bodies from the inside out – from the most intense to the most subtle sensations.

Through this deeply physical and grounding practice we also connect with our thoughts, emotions, our relationship with others, to our true purpose, and to the awe-inspiring, yet simple, beauty of the world around us.

I am a qualified yoga teacher and offer yoga and meditation classes, workshops and retreats in and around the alpine town of Bright, Australia and overseas.

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which I live and work. I pay my respects to their elders past, present and emerging. I thank them for their custodianship of this beautiful land.



Yoga and meditation offer us an embodied mindfulness practice. An opportunity to slow down, listen deeply and connect with our body, mind and breath. Through mindfulness practices I guide you to greater presence in all aspects of life, through a deepening of our awareness of sensation in the body.


We dedicate our practice to the benefit of all beings, acknowledging that while we practice for our own wellbeing this in turn naturally ripples out to our community. I include compassion and kindness practices in class, as well as being in service to support freedom, peace and equality in the world.


The practice of yoga has always been intertwined with the symbolism and elements of nature. My grounded, earth focused style and specific seasonal workshops offer a unique opportunity to deeper your re-connection with the earth’s energies and commitment to living sustainably.

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All of my classes, courses and workshops are now available through Bright Yoga Space. 




This online and studio space is a collaboration between myself and Kylie Bertuch who I have been sharing the joy of teaching with for the last 4 years. 


Bright Yoga Space

Emily Rose teaches yoga with deep integrity, constantly evolving and sharing her knowledge, reflection and insights with students. I attended Emily’s first yoga class in May 2014 and have continued to be taught by Emily in yoga classes, meditation classes and a retreat in January 2019. Emily explains and demonstrates concepts with a holistic approach, in a way which is available to any level of practitioner. Emily embodies ongoing learning and shares this with students through her teaching

Sarah Herkess

Emily Rose is authentic, walks her talk and shares her knowledge with a passion and joy that makes her classes easy to be in and with no judgement.

Jen Kyne

I am always super excited to get up at 5.30am for Emily’s wonderful yoga classes. Her approach is really inclusive, welcoming and holistic. I always come away feeling not only stretched but also looked after and with some extra tools to tackle everyday life outside the yoga studio. She leads her classes in a friendly, open and approachable manner and her deep knowledge and love of what she teaches shine through.

Lucy Snowden

The North East is very fortunate to have Emily Rose Yoga offering exceptional workshops, classes and retreats based on functional movement patterns combined with spirituality. Emily Rose guides her yoga students through anatomically sound asanas, with an emphasis on providing each student an environment where they can safely explore a movement practice for mind, body and spirit.

Lucy Bett


The Power of Immersive Practice

The Power of Immersive Practice

For those that have attended an immersion or retreat before, whether that is for one afternoon, one day, one week or even a month, you know that the effects are powerful. The longer the time the more powerful but even one day can have big impacts.     So...

Letting Go

Letting Go

This article/talk started out as a Dharma talk created for the Karma Yoga Retreat, Laos. The theme we weave through that week long retreat is the concept of action without attachment... so letting go becomes central to this.    You can either watch the video...

Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies

Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies

I love making these chocolate brownies at home and for retreats. They are really easy to make, delicious and the kids will even eat them (although they contain vegetables and raw cacao and not much sugar).        When I make these personally I follow...

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