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Prenatal Course


Prenatal Course

Pregnancy is a time of change. A woman’s body has to grow and adapt to carry a baby, hormones change affecting flexibility and emotions, and the whole family needs to prepare to birth and raise a new life.

Prenatal yoga helps to build physical and mental strength for an active labour, as well as relieving aches and pains associated with the extra pressure pregnancy puts on a woman’s body. The breathing and mindfulness meditation techniques also help to prepare a woman for birth and becoming a parent.

In this 5-week course (limited to only 10 women) participants will be guided through a variety of movements, poses, pranayama and meditations focussing on:

  • Modifications of poses to suit the pregnant body at different stages
  • Building strength and stability to support a growing belly
  • Pelvic floor awareness
  • Improving circulation and digestion
  • Developing a strong connection with baby
  • Relaxing and nourishing postures
  • Birth preparation
  • Mindful parenting practice

As well as weekly classes you will also be supported with access to reading materials, guided meditations and home practice ideas to fully prepare you for birth and the becoming a mother!

This course is suitable for any stage of pregnancy although it is recommended that you contact Emily prior to registering if you are in the first trimester and have not practiced yoga before. No experience of yoga is required but modifications will be provided for all levels, stages and energy on each day.

** If you are only able to attend some of the course or if you would really like to attend but the cost is prohibitive please also contact Emily to discuss possible payment options. **

CASUAL CLASSES may be available for $20 per class.

Emily’s prenatal yoga was perfect for me as an expecting mum. Her knowledge of safe and appropriate postures and mindfulness techniques was excellent and provided me with the balance I needed as part of my week. The combination of both flow movements and restorative poses was ideal. Thank you so much Emily Leeah

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