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“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”



Upcoming Retreats

Alpine Spring Yoga Retreat Mt Buffalo
7 days / 6 night Yoga Retreat in Southern Laos
Next Dates TBC
Location: La Folie Lodge, Champasak, Laos


Join sisters-in-law and yoga teachers Emily Rose and Vonsesili (Tiak) Saysana for a unique yoga retreat in the stunning Champasak province of Southern Laos. Surrounded by the Mekong (Mother) River and immersed in Lao Buddhist culture you will be invited to surrender attachment and open yourself to the fullness of life through yoga, meditation, generosity and community.

Retreat Testimonials

Such an experience is difficult to put into words, what I gained from the retreat was truly priceless. I spent 7 days with the most wonderful women I have ever met who taught me so much about myself and life. The location was amazing. The teachers were passionate and the meditations were beautiful. The community engagement was so worth while. Definitely a must try experience for all people searching for their soul because you will find it on this retreat.


Karma Yoga Retreat, Laos 2019

I love that both Emily and Kylie walk their talk on every topic that was covered, each sharing their wisdom. Their generosity and abundance on information from the yoga, journaling, meditation, oils, crystals & recipes. Book me in for next year, this should be at the top of everyones to do list.


Ignite your Intentions One Day Retreat 2019

In true love and caring spirit, Kylie & Emily gave us their mind, body and soul at their Inaugural Alpine Spring Yoga Retreat, We, in turn, were beautifully stretched and nourished.  There is now a renewed ‘spring’ in my step which I am enjoying immensely.  I would sincerely recommend their dedicated teachings to all.


Alpine Spring Yoga Reteat 2017

I would recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone. If anyone I know was thinking about going I would definitely say do it! I hoped it would be great but I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never been on a yoga retreat before. But everything was better than I had hoped. The classes were fantastic, the location and accommodation were gorgeous, the food was amazing and the staff at La Folie were just so lovely. I loved our two inspiring teachers, Emily and Tiak who had organised things so perfectly.


Karma Yoga Retreat, Laos 2018

You are in for an absolute treat attending the Mountain Yoga and Snow Weekend. Not only does it combine snow and yoga, Emily’s positive energy is infectious, the lodge and hospitality fantastic and the timing is perfect. Just at the end of winter with a sprinkling of snow still around and the sun high in the sky, this is the best way to reenergise for the warmer months through the enjoyment of the stunning setting, meditation, yoga, and delicious food. It was so good, I did it again the next year. And brought a friend. After experiencing the magic of the weekend, it something you want to share!


Mountain Yoga & Snow Weekend 2018 & 2019

My time at the Ignite Your Intentions Retreat was a chance to press pause and have the time and clarity of thought required to look at what is important in life. The yoga classes, the meditations and the guidance shown by Kylie and Emily were wonderful and they were so open with sharing their own practice and extensive knowledge on mindfulness, essential oils, journalling and crystals. Many thanks for providing such a great day with so many beautiful people.


Ignite your Intentions One Day Retreat 2019

I would highly recommend the Karma Yoga retreat; when I signed up to it I was in a moment in my life where I felt like I needed a break, I needed to reconnect to myself, my values, what I believe in; And the place where the retreat was taking place was a country that I wanted to visit for years. This retreat felt like a “soul massage”, the location, the people, the teaching, the practice, Tiak and Emily’s experience and energies, everything felt in harmony (and was so well organised). It felt like this week gave space to my soul, my body to exist, to move, and to make me feel their presence. Laos is a beautiful country and experiencing it with the retreat is a magical way to discover it. So going to this retreat is something to do for yourself and that for sure you won’t regret. It was an unforgettable week.


Karma Yoga Retreat, Laos 2019

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