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Strengthen Your Roots Workshop

Strengthen Your Roots Workshop

Saturday 2 November | 10.30am – 1pm
Cost: $50 Booked online ($60 on the day)
Venue: Grass Roots Yoga, Inkerman St, St Kilda, Melbourne


‘Strengthen your Roots’ is about finding your connection with the deep stabilising base of your pelvic floor, core, legs and feet, and finding the power that comes with that connection to the ground.

In this workshop we create a safe space to talk about and practice pelvic floor awareness, correct standing posture and build core strength (working on more than just the abs!). Students will learn briefly about the role of the pelvic floor, abdominal, psoas, back and gluteus muscles and the effect of their weakness or tightness on posture and general health, including the energetic side of the practice of Mula Bandha.

This workshop will break down the physical & energetic anatomy of the lower body, using specific techniques to fully embody the strength of our roots. Participants will then be guided through a strengthening Hatha flow practice including standing and arm balancing with meditation, mantra and pranayama techniques. The workshop will finish with restorative poses and yoga nidra, bringing the awareness back to the connection with the earth again.

Students are invited to come along to this workshop if they would like to feel more connected to the power of the earth and their own core support, to be better able to flow and balance during their yoga practice.


Workshop includes:
– Props for the practice
– Handout with key points
– Snacks and tea

Please bring:
– Comfortable clothes
– Water bottle
– A pen and paper if you want to take notes
– Your own mat 

$55 ($50 early bird if booked by 15 October)


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