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I found the yoga has helped to bring more balance and calm into my life, in addition to my body.  I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of yoga and mindfulness meditation and particularly found the shoulder and spine work really great.  I’d also like to reiterate my comments about your style in leading the sessions.  It is very clear and easy to follow as well as set at a good pace.  I also find the approach is positive and relaxing.

During the restorative workshop I felt like it was nice and relaxing and recharging, but the surprising thing to me was the lasting effect of it. I felt more happy and calm all week, I felt balanced and able to keep giving, I felt like my cup was full and overflowing, something I haven’t felt in a long long time. A split second image of a mountain from the mountain meditation gives me perspective, patience and strength in the baby and toddler madness! And I love the worksheet you sent out and the online meditations, something to keep me going until the next one! Thanks Emily!

Emily is a truly intuitive teacher. She takes the time to understand your particular ability and limits. I have always found that she guides me to extend myself both physically and mentally with a gentle and confident approach. I enjoy her thoughts and open outlook on life and would highly recommend her workshops.

Emily’s posture/asana workshops were a really great opportunity to delve a little deeper into what goes on behind the scenes inside our bodies during a typical vinyasa class. I learned so much about the series of asanas, and how we can interpret the intentions behind other postures too.

I am really excited to go along to more yoga classes, armed with new information, and greater confidence about how to get the most out of class by practicing better technique specific to our individual bodies, and tapping into the intention behind each posture.


I really love Emily’s classes. Each class is different but the same current runs through them. They feel like a real treat combining the energising aspects of asana with relaxation and breath work. She leads her classes in a friendly, open and approachable manner and her deep knowledge and love of what she teaches shine through.


Emily Rose is authentic, walks her talk and shares her knowledge with a passion and joy that makes her classes easy to be in and with no judgement.


Emily’s classes always leave me feeling centred and wonderfully calm. I always enjoy her reminders to stay connected to the earth. Highly recommend her classes to everyone no matter your yoga experience or abilities.

Thank you Emily Rose Yoga for a beautiful day of mindfulness, reflection, yoga and meditation.

Even though we go back to our busy lives you have given us the tools to ground ourselves and the mindset to deal with life’s twists and turns all for the greater purpose of being the best we can be.


Emily’s restorative yoga workshop was a really friendly and supportive experience. We were able to learn the principles of restorative yoga, and enjoy a series of extended asanas to release tension in the body. Emily incorporated props, beautiful oils and even soothing cups of herbal tea. I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone looking to take some time out from the hustle and bustle.


Emily is a very experienced and gentle teacher who clues in quickly to individual needs. She creates a loving yoga environment and makes you feel very cared for, as well as slightly challenged each time. Very nourishing!


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