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Thanks for visiting my site! So I have just become certified as a yoga teacher and I find myself thinking more deeply about what it now means to share my love of yoga with others and of course prepare myself to teach a class. I wanted to put this website together because I have so many things that I am passionate about in my life and I’d like to have any opportunity to share those with others.

These blogs will not always be about yoga, in terms of writing about poses or meditation techniques, but I think if you are interested in yoga philosophy and living a true yogic life then the issues I write about certainly have this as a central thread. On my “Inspire” page you will find more about the organisations and causes that fill me with passion, but I will also post here about specific campaigns, people, theories, books, movies, stories and of course yoga related ideas that I hope others will find just as inspiring.

Today I’m feeling particularly inspired by people that don’t just talk the talk but actually do something about living more sustainably. Many of us sit around lamenting about climate change, food waste and over consumption but not many of us make sweeping changes in our own lives to try to make a difference for our families and communities. I’ve known about the blog, The Greening of Gavin, for a while but have just had a chance to really take a look at his story. One man who had an epiphany while watching a doco and now grows his own food, makes cheese, owns chickens, and writes about it all so that others can learn from his experiences. I suggest you check it out!

Til next time…