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Yin Yang Seasonal Series




Move with the seasons at one of Emily’s signature yoga masterclasses with a focus on the energetic qualities of the seasons. Utilising both Yin (slower, longer held poses) and Yang (dynamic, strengthening, flowing styles), breath work, mantra and meditation techniques from Yoga and Buddhism, these workshops are a truly wholistic yoga practice.

Tips on Ayurvedic diet, Traditional Chinese Medicine practices and readings from poetry and philosophy contribute to an experience of deep connection, not only with the earth and it’s rhythms, but also to the ancient wisdom and knowledge handed down to us.

Yin Yang Autumn Yoga Workshop

Yin Yang Seasonal Series: Spring

Date: Saturday 27 October 2018
Time: 10am – 12.30pm
Cost: $40 booked online ($50 on the day)
Venue: Bright Boot Camp Yoga Studio, 73 Churchill Ave, Bright

Holistic practices such as Yoga, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teach us how we can live more in harmony with the earth and with the seasons.

In Taoism each season relates to one of the elements and organs within the body. Spring in the season relating to the element Metal and the Liver. Spring is time for waking up stagnant energy, detoxing and cleansing our systems and habits and setting intentions for the more Yang and outward focused seasons to come. A variety of movement, breath and meditation practices will aim to assist this energetic shift.

The Yang portion of the workshop will focus on moving the spine and will build up to some strong twists and backbends. Yin yoga is a more passive, slower form of yoga where students are invited to take a particular shape, become still and then stay a while. The Yin sequence will aim to also stimulate the Liver and Gall Bladder meridian channels encouraging the flow of healthy chi through the body.

Just as the the energy of the earth around us turns toward creation and growth – we can connect more deeply with these rhythms in our lives.

Bring yourself and comfortable clothes – all levels welcome. All mats and bolsters provided.

Plus we will finish with bliss balls and home blended, seasonal herbal tea!


Cancellation Policy:

1. If you have paid and cancel prior to 24 hours before the event and you cannot find another person to fill your spot, you will receive a refund minus a $5 administration fee or a credit for another event.

2. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event, there will be no refund. In certain circumstances a credit may be applied for another event.

3. If the event is cancelled due to lack of sufficient numbers, by a certain date determined by Emily Rose Yoga, you will receive a full refund.

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